Milltronics CNC Controls

Putting More Control in Your Hands

The heart of our success is our long history of control development. Milltronics developed one of the first industrial CNC controls in the early 1970’s and has continually improved and refined our controls around the machinist’s needs.

Milltronics CNC controls blend ease of use with features and performance demanded by the most sophisticated workshops. New operators can be quickly trained and productive in little time with the Conversational programming, on screen help, intuitive menus, color graphics, prompted tool setting routines and more. A unique and powerful “Trig Help” feature eliminates the need for shop floor calculations. Sophisticated workshops will welcome networking capability, large program storage, USB port, DXF import, probing cycles and industry standard G & M code format.

The 8200-B Series CNC is our standard high-speed milling and turning control. It’s a PC-based control which allows for advanced processing speeds that are imperative for high speed and multi-axis machining. The8200-B features 1GB memory, 2GB disk storage, a 12” LCD screen and membrane keys. Learn more here.

The 9000 Series CNC is our newest control offered on select milling machines. It features 4GB memory, 120 GB disk storage, mid-travel tactile keys and an enlarged 15” LCD touch screen. It’s a Windows®-based platform and offers all the user-friendly features that Milltronics CNC controls are known for and more. Learn more here.

Milltronics USA CNC Controls 8200-B CNC 9000
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Milltronics Shop View

Machine monitoring, communications and diagnostics at the tips of your fingers.
With new Milltronics Shop View (MSV) you have instant access to your machine’s status including programs, set-ups, digital readout, live snap shots of machine cutting video, spindle load, spindle hours, machine events log, le transfers, alarms and more— even when you’re not there!

Cloud Based

MSV uses advanced cloud based monitoring, communication and diagnostics technology all through an internet connection to your machine.

The new Milltronics Shop View (MSV) feature gives users instant access to their machine’s status from anywhere. The snapshots shown above show the control screen and table setup.

Easy to Use

MSV is conveniently hosted in the cloud by Milltronics servers and eliminates the need of extensive IT infrastructure or expertise at your shop. All you need to do is point your PC, tablet or smart phone to

Secure Platform

The MSV platform is hosted on a secure network which users are able to log in and access their account through a responsive website with end-to-end encryption.


MSV is compatible with Milltronics 9000 Series CNC controls.


  • Industry 4.0 and MTConnect compliant
  • Sortable and searchable dashboard list for quick selection
  • Machine dashboard shows live data
  • Tab view allows enlarged images/videos of screens
  • Searchable machine file directory, registry and event logs
  • Machine settings allow a user defined name to be entered to easily identify
 program or part running

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