Turning Centers

There’s a Milltronics’ turning center to satisfy from the simplest to the most demanding applications. Our slant and flatbeds feature a wide selection of lengths and spindle sizes. The ML Series 2-axis combination lathes come standard with full box ways and removable gap bed on every machine. This provides a more rigid and stable platform than V-type bed ways. What’s more, the increased surface contact provides additional dampening in heavy or interrupted cutting tasks. The SL Series slant bed turning centers also offer a one-piece true slant bed base casting. This shortens the distance from the tool tip to machine foundation for better dampening of cutting vibrations. Feature for feature and dollar for dollar, nothing competes with Milltronics turning centers.

Combo Lathes

Milltronics ML Series combo lathes offer both manual and CNC operations for tool rooms and job shops. They can be configured with many options, bore sizes and bed lengths – including live tooling and C-axis. The ML Series Combo Lathes feature the Milltronics 8200-B Series control.

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SL Series Slant Bed CNC Lathes

Milltronics SL Series Slant Bed CNC lathes are 2-axis CNC production turning centers with auto turrets. Popular with shops that do a mix of conversational and G-code, these machines feature the same control and software as our mills and machining centers. They are available in three different sizes and are equipped with the 8200-B Series control.

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