As a 3rd generation manufacturer, Dan Mishek knows how to make great products. Headquartered in Stillwater Minnesota, Dan’s Vista Technologies’ prototyping, mold making and injection molding capabilites are helping build advanced components for America’s growing high-speed broadband fiber optic network. Manufacturing for Clearfield Inc. Fiber Distribution Systems, VistaTek is supporting the growth and rapid adoption of the fiber optic network that will support tomorrow’s next-generation gigabit speeds. It is this fiber optics infrastructure that will enable tomorrow’s rapid response, two-way communication for tele-medicine, tele-learning and tele-commuting. It’s how American ingenuity, skill and manufacturing technology is changing the way we live and work in the new global economy. “Our full stable of reliable Milltronics machines, backed up by Milltronics Support ONE service lets us deliver the speed and accuracy our shop is known for.” “It’s how we’ve built the outstanding professional reputation that has built, and keeps building, our business.”

An hour north of Memphis the American spirit to create and invent is alive and well at Aviation Repair Technologies (ART), Blytheville, Arkansas, an independent aircraft maintenance provider for turboprop, regional jet and narrow body commercial aircraft. Here, Jeremy Jewell performs airframe, component, propeller, and power plant repairs as well as engineering flaps and ailerons to keep 737’s, Airbus and MD80’s flying. With more than 300 employees and facilities at 7 airports across the United States, ART has become a major repair facility for not only domestic regional airlines, but many foreign carriers as well. “From the very beginning we’ve been a Milltronics shop,” says Jeremy, ART’s head machinist. “The Milltronics support team helped us analyze our manufacturing objectives and specification requirements and then set us up with the bridge mill and lathes our operation has relied on ever since. In aerospace reliability is everything.”

Inventor Ted Ciamillo is machinist by training, bicycle brake developer and inventor by trade. Today, at his shop outside Athens, GA he’s designing and building a human-powered sub that will take him 3000 miles across the Atlantic’s in 50 days. Modeled after CAT scans of the dolphin’s tail, Ted’s revolutionary aluminum and titanium propulsion system is a breakthrough in human power and efficiency. Ted’s sub is built with a lightweight stainless steel frame to support a light polycarbonate shell. But, instead of a pressurizing the shell with air, the sub will be filled with water with the pilot in a wetsuit breathing with scuba gear and a specially adapted snorkel. The sub’s unique size and design will allow the exploration the upper layers of the ocean silently and unobtrusively, revealing marine life as it has never been seen before. Ted’s bold concepts, forward thinking and use of state of the art materials and manufacturing techniques are changing the future of marine exploration, human aquatic potential and vehicular efficiency. “The dependable performance of my Milltronics machines backed up by the reliability of Milltronics Support ONE service gives me the confidence to focus on innovation and problem solving,” says Ted. “With Milltronics and Support ONE, if I can imagine it, I can build it.