SL Series CNC Lathes

Milltronics SL Series CNC lathes offer a great combination of features and performance at an attractive price. Designed with a process that is ISO 9000 certified, they are well built, reliable and easy-to-use. the new SL-II Series machines feature robust true slant bed castings, linear motion guide roller ways, direct coupled ballscrews and the latest 9000 Series control.


The SL6-II has a 6″ 3-jaw chuck, a max turning diameter of 12″, max turning length of 13″. This model has a 17HP spindle motor and a 6,000 rpm spindle. Standard with a 12-station auto turret and a 9000 Series control.

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The SL8-II has an 8” 3-jaw chuck, a max turning diameter of 14,” max turning length of 20.7” and a 3.2” spindle bore.  This popular size machine has a 22 hp spindle motor and a 4,000 rpm spindle.  Standard with a 12-station auto turret.  Options include chip conveyor, tailstock, and tool presetter.  Features the latest 9000 Series control.

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Step up to the new SL10-II, featuring a 10″ 3-jaw chuck, 3.74″ spindle bore and max turning length of 29.9″. This model has a 30 HP spindle motor, 12 tools in the turret and is equipped with the latest 9000 Series Control. Options include: chip conveyor, tailstock, parts catcher and tool presetter.

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Machine Model Chuck Size Spindle Bore Max Part Diameter Max Part Length RPM HP Rapid Traverse No. of Tools Tool Size/Boring Bar
SL6-II 6'' 1.65'' 11.75'' 20'' 6,000RPM 12HP 1000 IPM 12 1.25"
SL8-II 8'' 3.07” 14'' 20.7'' 4,000RPM 22HP 1,181 IPM 12 1.5"
SL10-II 10'' 3.74” 17.7'' 28.4'' 3,000RPM 30HP 1181 IPM 12 1.5"
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