Let’s Reinvent!

30 Nov

Nothing is as certain as “change.” Embracing change is how we invent ways to solve new problems and reinvent new ways to solve old ones. It is this capacity for change that has spurred America’s resurgence as a world leader in manufacturing quality and productivity with innovative machine tools linked to a powerful distribution system to get the right tool to every manufacturer.

As we approach 2016, Milltronics continues to reinvent our machines to meet customer’s demands for higher speeds, tighter tolerances and rock-solid reliability. The new look of our machines might be what you notice first, but the real reinvention is on the inside. Here is where we are constantly improving and evolving our CNC machines to deliver the perfect balance of features, performance and price you need to invent faster ways to make great products.

You will begin seeing some of these exciting changes this March. That’s when we’ll be introducing our new VM Series vertical machining centers followed by a series of new high performance, inline models in June. They will all feature our latest control, the new 9000 CNC. This next generation Windows based control delivers 4 times the program storage, 60 times the disc storage plus a larger LCD touch screen and tactile keys.

But, reinventing our machines is only part of our story. Today, information is critical, so we’ve completely redesigned our website. We rebuilt it with improved navigation and much more information. The new site now makes it faster and easier for you to analyze and select the exactly the right machine you need to meet your operational needs. It is just another way Milltronics is embracing change to help American manufacturers successfully complete in the global marketplace.