About Us

Our People Make the Difference

What We Do
American economic power is rooted in manufacturing, driven by the spirit to create and invent. Today, every manufacturer large or small competes in a vast global marketplace, and it is through this American spirit that we have, and always will, successfully compete. With more than 80 employees at our 100,000 sq. ft. facility near Minneapolis, Milltronics has been a pioneer in CNC technology helping medium and small shops increase productivity, make better products and compete in the new global economy.

Who We Are
“Our People Make the Difference.” It’s the business ethics born of our Mid-American roots. That difference is seen in the quality we build into our machines and how we work with our distributor partners to provide full life cycle support to the American machinist. Today’s CNC machines must deliver higher speeds, tighter tolerances, greater reliability and maximum value. Most important, productivity and profit requires that every CNC machine has the best possible tooling, fixturing and support for the job at hand.

How We Do It
We are continually refining our CNC machines and controls to make them perfect extensions of the hands of the skilled machinist our economy relies on. Through Support ONE we work closely with shop owners, machinists and our distribution partners to deliver the tools, training and support they need to make better products, increase profits and compete in the global marketplace. It is through this close partnership that American manufacturers are building the great products that advance human civilization and improve quality of life.